Would you like to....

✔️ Learn how to soothe & settle your emotions without overriding or getting lost in them,

✔️ Be free from shame about your emotions,

✔️ Spend less time in overwhelm & more in connection and self love,

✔️ Have a quieter mind & more control over your inner state,

✔️ Expand the range of what is possible in your life while connected to pleasure rather than stress, and

✔️Have more energy & time for what you love!
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Evolutionary Biology & Embodiment Tools To Help You Feel Nourished, Calm & Free From Anxiety

Is This Course For You?

  • This course is perfect for you if you...

  • Value spirituality, love & oneness.

  • Love to spend time (and even facilitate others) in inner growth,

  • Have a sensitive constitution or trauma in your history,

  • Would secretly love to be a deeply embodied and passionate leader in your world,

  • Treat "healing" and self development as a path to awakening,

  • Are a passionate participant in creating a healthier world, both for yourself and those in your care.

This Program Will Show You Exactly How To...

1. Befriend Your Body-Brain System

Learn the how and why of emotional distress to apply body-based soothing & settling practices.

Help your body to reach a deep sense of calm & internal peace.

2. Separate & Externalise your emotions

Learn the key tool for making emotions tolerable and meeting them in a loving, grounded & compassionate way.

Honour your emotions hidden wants & needs and create more internal safety.

3. Create Healthy Boundaries & Work with The Mind

Stop the harsh & judgemental mind.

Find internal peace & an inner loving environment for holding your emotions.

Create more space for your Being.

4. Utilise Pleasure As Fuel For Life

Use embodiment practices to move emotion as pure energy & release internal charge.

Deepen your ability to be with emotions as fuel for your thriving.

Practice pleasure and okayness as your "new normal".
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Anxiety To Thriving includes all the features that you need to experience inner-peace and emotional relief.

  • Downloadable videos & transcripts released each week. Watch & learn in your own time.

  • Audio guided meditations & embodiment practices to support you to deepen each of the skills you learn until they become second nature.

  • Actionable practices & homework to deepen your process & your transformation.

Premium Features

Available in Premium Package Upgrade

  • 3 x 1hr 1:1 Private Online Sessions with Amanda to be scheduled anytime during the course or in the 2 weeks afterwards.

  • Additional personalised support and accountability with Amanda's unique therapeutic skillset.

  • Personalised tweaks to your program to get you get the results you're after.

Details of the program

All content is delivered to you on the Thinkific platform.
Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email, and access to the first module of content

The Program Cost: 30% off for a Limited Time

The Program is $222 (Normally $397).
The Program + Premium upgrade is $677 (normally $847)
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  • How much time would I need to allow for this course?

    The video and audio material for each week will take between 1.5 and 3 hours/ week and the practices between 30mins - 4hours per week depending on the depth of your engagement.

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    The downloadable course material is yours for life when you enrol.

    The facilitated course platform and facebook group are monitored for 8 weeks inclusive of your enrolled course time. And you will have access to the course and any of its upgrades on the Thinkific platform for 12 months.

  • Is this course suitable for me if I have strong trauma or PTSD?

    As this is an online program, it is not a substitute for personalised professional support. The course content will be helpful for most people with trauma and/or PTSD but we recommend that you consult your health care professional to ascertain that the course is right for you.

  • Do I need to be tech-savvy to do this course?

    You will need to be able to find your way through emails and download video content to a device, and /or itunes.

  • How do I book in my 1:1 sessions?

    Amanda will contact you once you have signed up with the booking link and all the details you will need to begins sessions.

  • What’s your refund policy?

    We offer a 100% money back policy if you are unhappy with your experience after completing the program. You will need to show evidence of your participation in each of the modules in order to receive the full refund.

Meet The Instructor

Hi, I'm Amanda Patterson.

I'm a trauma, attunement & attachment therapist with 20 years experience in the healing arts.

After a life changing event at the age of 26, I began my own healing journey in earnest.
I have spent 1000’s of hours on the meditation pillow, the therapist’s couch, in groups and inquiry sessions, satsangs, workshops galore and on the dance floor.

I run a successful therapeutic coaching business and work as lead Coach and Faculty with the Essence School.

I am here to help you deepen and develop your instinctual wisdom, the part of you that Knows. To help you take-in the messages from your body and emotions and re-wire the way your brain processes life.

This is about listening, receiving, repatterning and healing via gentleness, partnered with pleasure. And it works.
It’s a radical shift from the cultural norm, and the aliveness and connection on the other side is 1000 x’s worth it.

I hope you'll join me.

What others have said

You exude such a penetrating calm, just listening to you is potent and powerful.


You are such a gem Amanda. I truly am so very grateful for your warmth, wisdom and generosity. You exude such a penetrating calm, just listening to you, (sometimes irrespective of the words), is potent and powerful. I have loved everything in the program that I have accessed thus far, and very much look forward to sinking in and deepening into it again as soon as I am able. It's precious and I'm so blessed to have access. Thank you

It feels like I’m slowly drawing my power back


Im noticing a greater capacity to separate from thought drama, focus on felt experience in the body and be with intense activation in the body. The daily routine that I’ve created around these practices makes my spirit feel strong. It feels like I’m slowly drawing power back that I’ve given away to the patterns that have kept me safe.

I think this work as essential and foundational for everyone, not just those suffering from anxiety


"With the Parts Dialogue process I’ve been able to talk to anger and fear in an adult way, and really listening to what they both need, and this has enabled me to really parent myself, to soothe and settle, without thoughts firing.
I’ve also found I am slowly taking up more space and asking for what I need instead of my pattern of accommodating others. There is more freedom of expression, which is not always ‘tidy’ but that’s ok. I had a dental appt this morn and sometimes the dentist is quite insensitive and brusk and rough. I was clearly able to express my needs and it took him by surprise as I normally just put up and shut up. !!!

Thank you SOOoooo much. I see this work as essential and foundational for everyone, not just those suffering from anxiety. Very very grateful for all your gifts and knowledge and living the work".

I feel a new level of self understanding and self empowerment.


This was the first online course I have ever done as I usually prefer contact and more intimate interaction, and I loved it! Amanda presented the content in many different ways so that all ways of learning were met which I really enjoyed. What I love is the new sense of knowing that ..I have got this !.. Turning towards me more in trust and love instead of immediately reaching OUT. I can stop and gather and remember that I can give myself what I need and then go through the process with as much curiosity as possible. I really love the CURIOSITY that I am rewiring more and more into my daily life, It lightens things up when they could potentially get heavy. I have felt a deeper solidness in myself too as I, step by baby step strengthen my ability to hold myself and reparent myself. Such a gift to oneself...I feel a new level of self understanding and self empowerment and I am so grateful for this.

I love how much wisdom, knowledge and amazing yet simple the tools are in this program


Amanda is an incredible coach/teacher/facilitator. I feel safe, held, loved and supported in her presence. Her program has really given me the tools to work more freely and safely with my emotions. I love how much wisdom, knowledge and amazing yet simple the tools are in this program.

As a practitioner, this is amazing and valuable to help support me working with my clients as well. Thank you Amanda for creating this program, it’s so very needed!!!