We work with sensitive people who long to be more grounded and present so they can make powerful changes in their world.

Are you experiencing these challenges?

  • Sometimes the world feels over-stimulating and too much

  • All the counselling & therapies don't seem to be helping with your automatic responses.

  • You get stuck in anxious feelings and struggle to get out of them.

  • You get locked into painful relationship patterns, filled with conflict and/or drama.

  • You have trouble putting yourself first in relationships.

  • You find yourself over-riding your emotions and needs in order to "get" love.

  • You feel drained and resentful.

Then You've In The Right place...

Hi, I'm Amanda.

I work with conscious, heart centered people to create a more consistent connection to your spirit, bringing you back to the incredible wisdom within your body and Being.

I teach people how to work with their biology, brain and attachment systems, so they are no longer fighting the very parts of them that help them thrive. I provide grounded, embodied tools to step into sensitive power & thriving from the inside out.

I'm a qualified Trauma Therapist (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), Lead Faculty & Coach with the Essence School, Remedial & Pregnancy masseuse, Reiki practitioner, spiritual seeker, artist, mother & poet.